Waste Advice from the Experts

Frequently Asked water tank cleaning & septic information

If you’re not sure about a liquid waste issue then don’t hesitate to contact us for advice. Liquid waste management is about more than just cleaning, it’s about health, safety and the risk of contamination to your family and pets. We highly encourage you to call us for an inspection if you notice any warning signs. In the meantime, we can answer some frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease.

What does a tank to?

Your tank is the first site of waste treatment for your household. It pre-treats waste before it enters the drainage field. With a septic tank everything from solid parties, to light materials, bacteria and sludge are prevented from entering the drainage field and clogging your soil.

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What about the drainage field?

The drainage field is the main site of treatment. It is made up of trenches, mounds or pits and it purifies your waste with the help of micro-organisms. Properly used, the drainage field should last 10-15 years before experiencing clogs.

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What not to do

There are a number of things that can hurt your system and cause costly damage.

These include:

  • Incorrectly disposing of materials such as sanitary pads, paper tissues or towels, disposable nappies, cigarettes, rags
  • Incorrectly disposing of engine oil, cooking oil or grease
  • Incorrectly disposing of vegetable matter
  • Repeated part-loads of washing
  • Exposure to stormwater
  • Acids, pesticides, medicines, paint thinners and other
    materials that would kill the system’s bacteria
  • Deep rooting trees on the drainage field
  • Heavy vehicles over the system
  • So called septic tank “cleaning chemicals” – DON’T BE FOOLED
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