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Auckland’s superior septic service

What does liquid waste management mean to you? For some it might be as simple as putting a plunger in the toilet but for us it’s a complete cleaning service. We will provide our services on big jobs and small, at your residential, industrial or commercial location. So whether it’s a personal septic tank, a workplace grease trap or more, we will efficiently provide our expert services.

Septic and sewage solutions

Septic tank might seem like a dirty couple of words but your household or commercial tank requires treatments and cleaning to keep it functioning properly.
You should service your septic tank at least every 3 years to protect your pipes, eliminate odour and avoid disaster.
Our innovative services will clean your tank, remove odour and ensure maximum efficiency.
Our septic and sewage solutions span blocked toilets, portable toilet cleaning and sewage system treatment.

It’s the pits!

If you have a catchpit or septic tank then you have the problem of getting it emptied. Avoiding your overflowing system can lead to costly damage to your system and the environment. 

When your tank or pit needs emptying our fast and friendly anytime service will clean it out and keep it running.

Don’t get caught in the grease trap

If you have a blocked sink or drain because your business or personal grease trap needs cleaning then we’re the team for you. We will clear excess grease from the big build up to the debris and particles to make sure that your traps are maintained for as long as possible.
Waste expert fixing pipes
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